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I wrote this in my free time with the intention of writing a nice Java Swing application. Unfortunately, I got side tracked (and lazy) and didn't quite finish so I'm putting my MP3 Tag library out there for other people to use. I would say it is 75% complete. However, since most MP3s have very simple tags, I think I've covered about 99.99% of them. I've been able to read and write all the MP3's that I have (3600 or so).

  • This library covers the following MP3 tags (pretty much all of them)
    • ID3 1
    • ID3 1.1
    • ID3 2.2
    • ID3 2.3
    • ID3 2.4
    • Lyrics3 1
    • Lyrics3 2
  • The library has not been fully tested. It has been tested against itself and a large sample of MP3s that I've downloaded. It still needs to be fully unit tested and tested directly against the C/C++ tag library.
  • It is written against JDK 1.4.
  • It supports reading, creation, editing, saving, deleting of all tags.
  • It supports a FilenameTag, an ID3v2.4 tag that is created from the file name.
  • It supports tag conversion.
  • It supports multiple save options.
  • It has a flexible object model which allows easy addition of new tags (FilenameTag for example) and new tag fields.
  • Object Oriented Design Patterns were used in creating the object model.
  • In addition to basic services, there are tag synchronization methods.
  • There is intention to support ogg vorbis tags / comments in the future.
  • Until I set the version to 1.0, the API might be making drastic changes.
  • None of the methods are synchronized. Almost all the collections I use are not synchronized.

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Java ID3 Tag Library is released under LGPL.
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Last updated: 06/13/2005.