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This page contains links to all of the public discussions for this project. All forums are hosted at sourceforge.net.

Help Forum

The Help Forum is where people can post questions they have with library. Everyone should feel free to post questions about how to use the library or how to download and install the different releases. The FAQ will be posted to this forum and will be updated from posts to this forum as questions come through.

Open Discussion Forum

This discussion forum is intended to record suggestions about the library. This area acts as an open forum on topics such as what should or shouldn't be included in the design. It also allows participants to engage in a public dialog regarding the merits of various requests for enhancements. Anyone is welcome to submit suggestions.

SourceForge Trackers

In addition to forums, SourceForge provides tracking utilities to track the following items:

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Java ID3 Tag Library is released under LGPL.
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