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March 12, 2006 I got off my lazy butt and put in a few bug fixes that were posted to the mailing list. Then I also read some review of a few different Java ID3 libraries and the reviewer said mine has horrible documentation. I figured it was the lack of javadocs, so I copied and pasted the other documentation into the javadocs. I also added convience accessor methods for the tags because of another suggestion in the mailing list.
June 13, 2005 Well, I've graduated and I've been busy with my new job these days. I'm pretty much too lazy to do much with this library these days. Anyway, I got an email suggesting that I post my project on It has now been listed as a regular project and I'll see about adding it as a JDK-Incubator project.

If anyone likes web design and would like to redesign this site (it's a template from MS Front Page), send me an email.

August 9, 2003 Backwards compatibility has been broken. I've been working on different things on the library, and today, finally got all the JUnit tests passed. This isn't saying that I've finished all the JUnit tests, but the ones I have written passed with all the changes I've made. Check out the beta-dev2 release notes for more details.

Oh, I'm going back to school, so I might have more time to spend on this project now that I won't be working.

May 2, 2003 Unfortunately, I'm actually enjoying this new job and haven't been putting many hours here. I also must admit, the thrill of writing hundreds of JUnit test cases is wearing thin.

Apparently people are actually using this. I've added some things to the quick start.

April 13, 2003 I've started a new job. So there's been a small lapse on the work for this project.

About halfway through the test cases for org.farng.mp3.object package.

April 4, 2003 I've started using Eclipse ( instead of JBuilder. It's pretty nice. If it only had a GUI AWT editor...

Finished more test classes in the org.farng.mp3.object package. I'm about 1/3 of the way through.

March 29, 2003 I've decided to add a project web log so people can actually see that work is actually being done. Hopefully I'll update this as I work on the project. Just so people know, I have a full-time job so there might be lapses of work.

Latest news is that I've finished MP3FileTest.class. I'm going to start working from the bottom of the object model and start working my way to larger objects. (I was starting from the top level package and working my way down before.)

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